Tuesday, March 10, 2015


It's that time again! I got married on New Year's Eve and we just officially went into contract on a house!! The funny part about our house search, every time I walked into one my first question would be, "where will the birds go?" Sometimes we would really love a house, but it wouldn't have an ideal spot, or an ideal room to put the feathered babies in so we would move right along.

We finally found our little dream home and we are going to finish off the whole basement, giving them a great room down there. Since the laundry and a full den will be down there as well, the babies will have much time with us, and our guests. It also has windows down in the basement which is wonderful!

My biggest concern about the move is painting. We need to really make it our own (and not keep the yellow painted walls - eek!) and I know the babies can't breathe in those fumes. Luckily with the warmer weather coming, and our closing date still a month and a half away, we will be able to have the windows open to air the place out quicker. I am also grateful that we are in a rental right now (without a signed lease), and we can stay an extra couple weeks there while we paint and get the house ready for the birds.

My last move the birds transitioned very well. They weren't afraid of their new room, and really enjoyed the extra space. Hoping that all goes smoothly and will keep you guys posted!

Here are a few recent pics:

Monday, November 24, 2014

November Photos- Nanday Conurse / Gold capped conure / Blue fronted Amazon

Hello all! My flock and I are doing well. We have been spending much time together and they are finally starting to trust my (soon-to-be) hubby! Kevin has been trying to gain their trust for a couple of months now.
Willow was OK with Kevin when we first took her home. She slowly became more and more attached to me, and would become protective when Kevin was near. She has calmed down a bit, and so have the conures.
We are thankful for that but there is still a lot more work to be done.

Here are some GORGEOUS pics from the last few days.
Charlie- Nanday Conure
Allegra - Gold Capped Conure
Autumn - Nanday Conure
Willow - Blue fronted Amazon

Monday, June 2, 2014

Blue fronted Amazon: Shower time!

My babe has been talking her head off! So many new words everyday. Today she said "Hi Baby!" for the first time. She is also starting to talk in front of me - when I walk in the room she will say " I love you" or "good morning". 
Here is a video of Willow enjoying her shower:

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekend Bath fun

It was bath time for the babes this weekend! They sure do love their baths (minus Allegra, she hates the water but tolerates it when I make her lol). I fill the tub with a shallow bit of a warm water and place them right in. Autumn and Charlie love to run under the gentle stream of water coming out of the tub faucet, Allegra stays far back.
Willow bathes on the shower perch that I have. I really have to try and get a video of her showering because it is the cutest thing ever! She whistles and talks a ton while getting sprayed with water. LOVES the water!

Hope you enjoy the pics!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

2 Nanday's, Gold capped Conure and Blue fronted Amazon

All my gorgeous babies are doing sooo well! My new rescue, Autumn, has made herself at home. Allegra and Autumn are especially close. I still spend time separately with Willow, my Blue Front. Here are some updated pics of the flock! We did a mani pedi on them tonight! All trimmed and happy :)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Autumn - Saving a Nanday Conure

I have a touching story to share with you all. It is about a nanday conure named Autumn. On November 30th, I visited our local chain pet store. I only go to these stores to purchase nutriberries for my babies - they love them. I do not look forward to ever seeing the parrots at chain stores such as this one, because I know they deserve better and don't get as much love and care from let's say a breeder..

The nanday caught my eye, obviously because I have Charlie at home. Nandays have always (and always will) had a special place in my heart. So I see this Nanday, Autumn, in the store and she quickly grabbed my heart. I went up to her cage (which is inside a glass cabinet) and she started jumping around. My boyfriend and I noticed that she would run to her food bowl, pick up a pellet, and run it back to us up to the glass. I noticed her beak was pretty flattened out, as it looked like she was rubbing it hard on something everyday. Kevin asked, "are you going to buy her?" - but I left the store very sad that day. I knew I wanted to help her.. but with 2 conures at home, and a new baby Amazon I didn't feel the timing was right.

6 weeks go by...

Within the last few weeks, I would run into the store to see how Autumn was doing and to see if anyone purchased her yet. I never left that store with a smile on my face.. her condition seemed to only be getting worse. The beak was getting very straight, rather than curved.. her tail was almost gone as it seems she started plucking it. But still, she would always run to get her pellets and bring them over to me and Kevin who would be staring into the glass. I asked a few of the workers while visiting if I could hold her - they would always have trouble getting her out of the cage (pulling away when she nipped them).. and I would always offer to pick her up myself. I would say, "Hi Autumn" close to her face in a quiet soothing voice and she always went right to me. I would hold her in my hand, checking her vent, rump, nails, nostrils, wings and everything else. Autumn just lay still in my hand, letting me check her out.

The final straw..

Saturday, January 4th was my last visit there. I needed more nutriberries and looked in the cage to see Autumn still there. Can you all guess what happened next? I called over the manager to discuss Autumn's condition. I explained how her tail was mutilated, her beak incorrectly shaped due to rubbing, and her well being was going down hill. He seemed to care and understand my concern.. but didn't have many answers. She was overpriced so I made a low offer on her. After explaining about my blog, and my other babies that I have he soon felt relieved that I would be the person to finally take this bird home. After gathering all of Autumn's paperwork, we discussed extending the health guarantee which was granted - weighed her, 132 grams - and the manager confirmed that she was just checked out by the vet last week.. while writing the name of the vet down on the paperwork.

It was my vet! He does a favor to this chain store by coming in and checking on these animals, including Autumn. I was kind of shocked, but also happy that when he does see her in a few days - he may already be aware of her condition. The paperwork shows that Autumn was vaccinated and checked for two main diseases, both coming back negative. She is not DNA sexed.

Once home, Autumn was very comfortable and sweet. Calm, but active. She has been extremely cuddly, always laying between my neck and hair. She gives many kisses and LOVES food! Autumn ate oatmeal, scrambled egg, spinach, and chicken. Eats just like her new mama - I love food lol. I am so happy to know that Autumn is now in good hands and I plan to really help her get better. I have trimmed her nails (no towel) and she did a great job with that. Bath time went fine, and I helped preen all her pin feathers after. I trimmed her tail hoping that the body will recognize that new feathers are needed. The beak is something I will leave alone for now, and hope that it rounds out as it grows. She was also clipped very short on her wings, which I plan to let grow out.

My main concern right now are keeping her separate from my other birds. I will give her 4-5 weeks to prove she is illness free. I am keeping her in a temporary cage for now but she will be getting the same size cage as my other birds when she is ready. I really look forward to the future and feel blessed that I took the opportunity to help this little one. A flock of four, I still can't believe it! 

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

Lots of love - from my beautiful flock!
Willow, Charlie, Allegra and Autumn